‘If you design it, we will bend it’

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Bending company Design Bending

The innovative specialist in 2D and 3D pipe bending

In 1997 bending company Design Bending Raamsdonkveer was the first bending company in the Benelux that started using CNC Tube Bender to revolutionize the bending of tubes. Thanks to this “spaghetti tubing bending machine’ it changed the labor-intensive process of bending the tubes into an automated process. This not only led to a sharp decrease in mass production, but also the applications grew strongly. Bending company Design Bending specializes in the bending of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and steel pipes with a diameter of 8 to 32 millimeters.

If you design it, we will bend it!

Design bending is an innovative bending company. Thanks to the specialization and expansion of our machinery, our experts succeeded in recent decades to develop ever more sophisticated operations for tube bending as series work with the pipe bending machine. So we can supply curves for you from radii 2.6 * tube diameter, bend in a bend bending with different radii, a pitch bend in a curve and when the length of the forming tubes is less than 4 meters, we can manufacture these in one and the same procedure.

Design Bending has a technical lead over other bending companies

We also can do serial work for you in the same procedure, for products and applications. Especially for stainless steel tubes is a godsend, because operations such as welding is no longer required. Actually we can bend any real form for you with our advanced machinery. It is not for nothing our slogan: “If you design it, we will bend it”. Design Bending has thus taken a lead on other bending companies, either through innovations that can even further able to expand. Because we can provide this added value we have Audi, BMW, Mercedes and YippieYo among our clientele.

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Why hire Design Bending?

As a relatively small operator, we specialized in 2D and 3D bending technologies, we have managed in recent years to make our mark in:

  • The possibilities we offer
  • The high quality we consistently deliver
  • Our flexible attitude
  • Our knowledge of materials and techniques
  • Our cost effective pricing, and
  • Our active involvement in innovative projects